The World Series is the pinnacle of professional baseball. It is the best-of-seven series that decides the champion of Major League Baseball. Every year, teams from around the country battle it out for a chance to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy. Over the years, there have been some outstanding World Series wins by baseball franchises.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox is one of the most successful franchises in Major League Baseball history. They have won eight World Series titles, including two in the last 14 years. In 2004, the Red Sox were down 0-three to the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series. They became just the second team in MLB history to come back from a 0-three deficit to win a best-of-seven series. The Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series that year, giving them their first championship since 1918.

St. Louis Cardinals

In 2011, the St. Louis Cardinals were again facing off against the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. This time, the Cardinals found themselves down 0-three in the series. They never gave up but went on to win the next four games, becoming just the third team in MLB history to come back from a 0-three deficit to win the World Series.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are baseball’s most successful franchise, with 27 World Series titles. They have also won 40 American League pennants. In 1996, the Yankees were facing off against the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. The Yankees came into Game Six down three games to two. They were also trailing by two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Yankees later scored three runs in that inning to win the game and force a seventh and final game. In that last game, the Yankees won their first World Series title in 18 years.

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most iconic franchises in baseball history. They have not won a World Series since 1908, which is the longest drought in professional sports history. In 2016, the Cubs were finally able to end that 108-year drought. They did it in style, too, winning Game Seven of the World Series in extra innings. The Cubs were down three games to one in the series before rallying to win it all. It was an incredible moment for the franchise and its fans.

Winning a World Series Championship is something that every baseball player has dreamed about. Each of these teams has beaten the odds, winning the coveted trophy that so many hold in such high regard.