Jeff Althoff


Baseball Player & Sports Enthusiast

Jeff Althoff, a resident of Hudson, Wisconsin, cannot remember a time in his life without sports. His childhood was filled with the sound of famous American sportscaster, Harry Caray’s voice narrating the latest Chicago Cubs game. In place of cartoons or sitcoms, Jeff spent more time watching the Cubs than anything else. 

Soon enough, Jeff wasn’t just watching the games, but playing himself. He played baseball throughout high school and college. Even after graduating, Jeff found ways to continue playing the sport he loves. To this day, he plays for Minnesota-based Delano Athletics in the summer, Town Team Baseball, and, previously, on an amateur team in North Carolina. 

What Jeff Althoff loves most about sports—and baseball, in particular—is the hustle and hard work that goes into a job well done. Successful athletes who play the game right have to log an incredible amount of hours practicing and perfecting their skills. The values that one learns in sports can be applied to almost every aspect of life to increase success. Jeff is especially admiring of three-sport athletes—those who are gifted and talented in multiple sports. 

Unable to picture his life without baseball, Jeff is grateful to be a part of a team. The camaraderie of a team sport, being in the clubhouse and spending time with his teammates, is a feeling like none other. However, his biggest motivation to keep playing lies within the chance to one day play baseball with his nephews. Having the opportunity to watch and teach his nephews to play the sport will be incredibly rewarding and meaningful to Jeff Althoff. 

When Jeff isn’t on the field, you can find him pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors. After spending about a decade in the corporate world, he decided he wanted to take a risk and make it on his own. In addition to his latest business venture, he is also an avid personal trader. He got started with the practice when he was only in high school through paper trading. However, his interest picked up rapidly in college, and he began using trading as a way to save money.

Jeff Althoff has come a long way since his casual dabble in personal stock trading. Over the years, he has built his own personal models based on volatility in an effort to project market fluctuations before they occur. He’s hoping that within the next five to ten years, he will see the market accelerate, giving his retirement portfolio a strong performance.

Jeff obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from St. Cloud University. In addition to playing baseball for the university, he was also part of the Investment Club. In his free time, Jeff enjoys hunting and watching the latest baseball or football game on tv. To learn more, please visit his blog. 

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