Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a sports fan, looking back at some of the most prominent athletes and events is very interesting. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to sports and teams, but where they can agree on is a phenomenal athlete. Many sports memoirs are written by athletes themselves or coaches and fans who have all the information needed. Let’s take a look at the best sports memoirs ever written.


Ball Four by Jim Bouton

Jim Bouton dived into his career with the New York Yankees and other teams during the 1960s. Writer Daniel Okrent described this book as “the memoir that broke the mold,” claiming that Bouton was more honest about what happened behind the scenes of his baseball and personal life. For a baseball player who was known for his knuckleballs, Jim Bouton threw the perfect toss for readers with this book.


Second Wind by Bill Russel

In 1980 NBA superstar Bill Russel wrote his memoir with the help of author Taylor Branch. The Boston Celtics center shares his experience in the city of Boston as a black athlete. Russell was described as an opinionated man who is shown throughout the memoir. If you’re a basketball fan, then pick up this book and learn more about the game and life of one of the greatest players of all time. 


Forward by Abby Wambach

Former U.S women’s national soccer player Abby Wamback didn’t write her memoir to build her brand or fanbase, but she wanted to be completely honest about her time as an athlete. If you’re someone who truly wants to understand the peaks and valleys of grinding as an athlete, then this is the book for you.


Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson

One thing that the championship-winning Bulls and Lakers team have in common is head coach Phill Jackson. Although any sports fan should read anything written by one of the best coaches of all time, there’s much more to this memoir. Jackson shares how he motivated his team and gave them orders that they weren’t used to. Not only is this read considered a memoir, but it can serve as a self-help book for readers looking for motivation.