Behind every baseball team that wins the World Series is a talented coach who leads them to victory. There have been a number of incredible baseball coaches that have come and gone throughout the years, but below are the best baseball coaches of all time.

Sparky Anderson

Sparky Anderson, born George Lee Anderson, had an extensive background in playing baseball before his career began managing teams. Under his management, the baseball teams that he’s coached have won numerous titles, two with the Cincinnati Reds in 1975 and 1976 and one with the Detroit Tigers in 1984. He currently holds the record of being the first coach to win a World Series in both leagues. Over the course of his managerial career, the teams that he’s coached have one 2,194 games altogether. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000. 

Tony La Russa

Tony La Russa is interesting, to say the least. Born in 1944, La Russa climbed the ladder as a major league baseball player before becoming a coach. After he finished his MLB career, La Russa actually got a law degree from Florida State University and is one of the few managers in the MLB that is allowed to practice law. Over the course of his career as a manager, La Russa’s teams won a total of 12 divisional championships, 3 World Series titles, and 6 league titles. La Russa is known for being the manager with the third-most wins in the major league, as his teams have won a total of 2,728 games over 33 seasons. In 2013, Tony La Russa was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Joe Torre

A Brooklyn, New York native, Joe Torre quickly became one of the top players in Major League Baseball, scoring 2,000 hits over the course of his playing career. Over the 29 seasons that he was a coach, he also attained 2,000 wins, making him the only coach to have both of these prestigious goals. Torre’s greatest success to date was a .605 regular-season winning percentage with the Yankees. While with the team, the Yankees won six American League pennants and four World Series Titles. Under his leadership, the Yankees never failed to make the playoffs. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.