Podcasts are a great way to obtain information about a topic while you are on the go or do not have the ability to sit and look at a screen or a book. There are shows on almost any and every topic, with different niches within each topic as well. Sometimes, podcasts are even hosted by leaders in the specific industry or feature celebrities and other important people. Sports is a subject that is extremely popular on podcasts. Whatever sport you’re into, there is a show speaking about it. That being said, let’s dive into the top sports podcasts of 2021 as featured on LifeWire


31 Thoughts

If you are a fan of ice hockey, this podcast is made for you. The show is a property of SportsNet Canada, but it details the happenings of hockey everywhere. The show is hosted by Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek, experts in the study of the game. They give listeners a fascinating inside look into what it’s like behind the scenes of the sport, highlighting memorable moments on the rink and even exclusive moments that take place in the dressing room. 


Around The NFL

For the NFL fans out there, you are going to love this show. Hosted by a group of football scribes, this show is a fan favorite, and one of the signature shows from the official NFL.com catalog. The premise of this podcast is to get listeners caught up on recent games and to preview upcoming matches from within the league. The hosts do a great job of being personable, and they create a delightful dynamic due to the way they perfectly vibe together. 


Baseball Tonight

 Hosted by Tv reporter and experienced columnist Buster Olney, this show is a fan favorite for baseball supporters! The show often features guest speakers such as beat reporters from various cities and other ESPN personalities. They release episodes frequently, sometimes even more than once a day, depending on if they are in-season or not. The episodes go over the latest happenings involving the game; from time to time, they cover a topic that is edgy and particularly interesting for the most die-hard of baseball fans.