Baseball has many legends from all different eras in time. If you ask people from each generation who the best players are, they would each have different people to say because there are so many in each. Various attributes make up a great baseball player, and no two players are the same. Below we will look at some of the greatest professional baseball players of all time, as featured in an article on Britannica.


Babe Ruth

This was an obvious choice for number one. Even if you are not a fan of baseball at all, odds are you have heard of Babe Ruth and all his glory. Although Babe never had the look of someone who would have been an extraordinary athlete, he broke all barriers and became one of the greatest of all time. After joining the major league in 1914, he broke the home run record of 27 by doubling it with 59 after seven years of playing. He also is known for his fantastic pitching, leading the AI in scoreless innings across two World Series. Additionally, he was America’s first transcendent sports superstar, known for his work on the field and off. 


Willie Mays

This is a player who left it all out on the field despite the adversity and discrimination he faced. He racked up 3,282 hits during his career, 660 home runs, 1,903 runs batted in, and 12 consecutive Gold Glove Awards. Many people will tell you that Willie Mays is the greatest all-around player ever known to the game. He is also a 20th-time All-Star and a two-time MVP. The most inspiring part is that he completed these stunning accomplishments while being a black baseball player during the Civil Rights Era. 


Barry Bonds

Barry had an exciting career and personal life. He had a very short temper and ran into some trouble with using illicit substances. However, he has still earned his place as being one of the greats. Throughout his career, he produced 2,558 walks, a .444 lifetime on-base average, 762 home runs, seven career MVP awards, and 688 unintentional walks. His reputation might have been tarnished with some of the choices he’s made, but it does not take away from the fact that he was fantastic in his sport.