As we push for the need for normalcy in the US, sports have had to change drastically this year to continue their seasons. Football has had many hiccups with trying to keep up with coronavirus regulations. Today, teams are taking the biggest brunt of the issues. With only a few weeks left in the season and the discussions of pushing the Super Bowl back until March, they are keeping their options open in case an outbreak were to impede on remaining games, which is likely with the number of cases once again rising. 


What Happens If A Game Is Canceled


What should happen if a team that is involved in the playoff games were to be affected by the coronavirus? Sports newsgroup ESPN answered this question by stating that the NFL league will quickly implement an expanded 16 team playoff each including 8 teams in every conference. The NFL competition committee met on Monday setting a contingency that would have a four-division divide with four wild-card teams from both the AFC and the NFC to advance in the postseason. This would increase the playoffs by two additional teams from what has already been expanded on the playoff field of 14 teams this season. 


The Concern of Missed Games


The concern of missing games is very real in the wake of COVID-19. There are multiple teams that have reported that their players have had positive results including two players from the Arizona Cardinals and one team member on the Baltimore Ravens team. Player for the Pittsburg Steelers Marlon Murphy has also reported a positive test result. All prompting the NFL to release a 30-minute video detailing the new rules and protocols that have been put in place to help protect both the staff and the players from contracting the virus. 


Games With Fans 


On the first the Philadelphia Eagles were able to play in front of 7,500 fans for their win over the Dallas Cowboys, however, they did not release the number of tickets that were sold or if it was close to their allotted number of fans that are allowed to be in the stands. Another team that did come close to selling their allotment was the Denver Broncos, who according to local news officials, had their CEO Joe Ellis and their General Manager John Elway both test positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday morning. 

College Ball 

With the rise in cases, the University of Wisconsin has decided to cancel their second game in the Big Ten season. Sadly this means that the Badgers will no longer play against Purdue on the 7th as hoped. They are unsure what team activities will remain paused fr the indefinite future after 15 players and at least 12 staffers have now tested positive. 


As we near the end of fall sports we can only wait and see what the future holds in the wake of COVID-19 for sports teams and hope that next year holds more opportunities for the team to have a normal season without the threat of a looming virus.